1982 Ford Fairmont FuturaPlease note that we are currently considering creating a dedicated Ford Fairmont / Mercury Zephyr forum here on this site.  If this is something you would like to see please let us know in the comments section below or by sending us a message on our Contact page.

You can also post any questions, comments or other topics in the comments section below.  Feel free to reply, share and discuss anything related to the Fairmont / Zephyr nameplates.

Listed below are some other places online you can go for Fairmont/Zephyr related discussions.


Independent 3rd Party Resources

If you would like to have your website listed below – please Contact Us


The link above will direct you to the Fairmont specific forum on Ford Forums Online.  This is probably the best place Forum currently available for the Fairmont, as there are over 20 pages of threads with current discussion.


Use the link above to go directly to the Fairmont page on Ford Muscle Forums.  There are a handful of threads in this section although many of them are quite aged dating back to 2013.

Fairmont 302

This is a free style user website focused on the Ford Fairmont and Mercury Zephyr.  There is some aged content but also some very recent materials particularly in the Project threads.


The link above goes to a Ford Fairmont specific thread on Yellow Bullet.  Even though it is only one thread there is over 100 pages of posts so there is a wealth of content available.


Any other high quality links?  Let us know below…

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