Outlined below is a little information about our goals with this site and how we manage our classified ads.  We also include a few general disclaimers.  We recommend you go over this information before browsing our classifieds.


Site Mission

FordFairmontForSale.com is dedicated to being the ultimate source for finding 1978 – 1983 Ford Fairmont and Mercury Zephyr models across the United States and Canada.  This includes both current cars for sale along with past listings; kept for recording keeping purposes.

The idea is to not only serve as a current classifieds directory but also a research tool for buyers and sellers to see the current and past used Fairmont/Zephyr market for making purchasing / selling decisions.

Take note of the following facts when browsing our site to get an idea for how to find the right information.  Please use our Contact Page to reach us with any questions, comments or concerns.


Site Procedures

  1. Ads on this site are both submitted directly by sellers and also re-listed from Craigslist and eBay by us.
  2. We update directly submitted ads daily and re-posts are added or edited on a roughly weekly basis.
  3. We do not remove ads for cars that have been sold but simply mark them as sold and remove seller information.
  4. We update the date each listings is modified to give an idea of age for our visitors.
  5. The seller information provided in each ad is the best available.


Site Disclaimers

  1. We do our best to mark sold listings in a timely manner, should you find an outdated listings please contact us.
  2. Comments made on listings are unlikely to be seen by the car’s seller.
  3. We are not directly involved in the sale of any car listed on this site.
  4. We are not affiliated with Ford Motor Company, Craigslist or eBay.
  5. Information displayed on this site is for educational purposes only and is not guaranteed to be timely, up to date or accurate.


For more information about this along with the term of use the govern the access of this site please see our Terms of Use page.

For information about the 3rd party advertisements we feature on this site along with how we use our visitor’s personal information please see our Privacy Policy page.