1979 Sedan Yorba Linda CA

Last Updated: 12/22/15

Key Car Features:

Model Year: 1979
Odometer: 108k
Body Style: 4 Door Sedan
Engine: 6 cylinders
Transmission: Auto

Ad Information

Source: Craigslist
City/Area: Yorba Linda
State/Region: California
Asking Price: $900
Contact: Trent (714) 300-5326

I have a clean bodied Fairmont sedan for sale. It has a small dent on the passenger side door. It also has some surface rust on the roof. Other than that, the body is really nice.

The interior needs a lot of work. There is no carpet and no headliner. There is also no a/c and no radio. The top of the dash has seen better days. I was going to build this into a drag car so none of this bothered me. The glass on the car is nice.

The straight 6 engine runs great until it warms completely up and then the car will shut off.
Around July I replaced the carburetor with a rebuilt unit, a new ignition module, new spark plugs, new ignition coil, fuel filter, and a new battery. The car still shuts off when hot. I’m thinking it is a grounding issue at this point. I have stopped messing with it as don’t have anymore time for the project.

The car passed smog in June, but now it’ll be hard to drive the car to a smog station. Smog will be the buyers responsibility. It’ll pass if you can drive it there.

Transmission shifts great and has zero issues. Rear end is solid and brakes are good.
Tires have a lot of tread left.
Registration until Jan 2016.

I have lost interest in my project car and need to sell it to make space in my driveway.
I’m trying to be as honest as possible with this car. It is not perfect by any means but how many 70’s cars are?
I was going to swap an LS motor into this car and build a sleeper out of it. I would love if someone would do the same with it, but it could make a nice driver with some work too.
Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll be glad to answer them.
Thank you!



1979 Yorba Linda CA


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