1978 Wagon Marysville WA

Last Updated: 12/22/15

Key Car Features:

Model Year: 1978
Odometer: 143k
Body Style: Wagon
Engine: 6 cylinders
Transmission: Auto

Ad Information

Source: Craigslist
City/Area: Marysville
State/Region: Washington
Asking Price: $1,550
Contact: (206) 639-5343


GAS MILAGE ***25+mpg****

This is one the last of the Real Cars

Real **Quality Metal *****
All Metal Grill
Metal Chrome Bumpers
real ***Chrome trim
Matching metal Hub Caps*** original
Quality Metal Body***NO RUST* Never Wrecked*
Not a Pepsi can *lean on it-and it dents*

It has a Tow Package*

It was only driven 3 days a week and within 5 miles of home there and back*

This car is 36 years old yes the interior has some wear
one of the back doors needs a latch fixed
and yes it does have a dent not very noticeable

Don’t bother if you think that this car has been sitting in the garage and looks like it came off the show room floor and you shouldn’t have to be a man and fix stupid things that’s life!
* Any real man can fix stupid things*

* This car has been started and run every 6 months **
* It has been maintained* Regularly
* It is simple to work on * Not all the computer garbage like todays * junk Pepsi can cars*
* It is worth being restored *
* Rather sell it to a person who understands its a collector car and will restore as it needs*
* Don’t bother if you just need transportation*
* Plenty of Pepsi cans you can drive and wreck,
* Last registered in 2013
* It starts every time you start it!
* You will need a moving permit to drive home*

$ 1,550.-




1978 Marysville WA

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