1978 Wagon Gepp AR

Last Updated: 4/21/16

Key Car Features:

Model Year: 1978
Odometer: 77,857
Body Style: Wagon
Engine: 200cid V6
Transmission: Automatic

Ad Information

Source: Craigslist
City/Area: Gepp
State/Region: Arkansas
Asking Price: $1,750
Contact: Steven @ (417) 929-1511

This car has only had two owners. Roy, it’s second owner has owned it for over 10 years. He is nearing 90 years old and no longer needs multiple vehicles. That is the only reason he is selling this car.

Roy doesn’t know how to operate a computer so  I  am listing this car for him. Roy says the car runs good and is ready to be driven. He says it needs a muffler/tail pipe and he plans to have one installed, but he has not done so as of today.

The odometer shows 77,857 the miles are likely to change some as the car is still driven occasionally. I do not have documentation to prove the miles are actual, but this is a local car to our area and  I  know the miles are actual.

The car has a 200cid inline 6 cylinder engine. It has an automatic transmission. It has power steering and power brakes. It has vinyl seats with carpet. The back seat folds down and has been folded down the car’s whole life.

The original owner was an older gentleman, as is the current owner. The car has never been hot-rodded. The interior is pretty clean but  I  don’t think the exterior has been washed in a couple years. The passenger side of the car is just as straight as the driver side.

It has a/c but the a/c does not work. I think the a/c compressor may need to be replaced before the air conditioner will work again.

$1750 is the asking price. If you are a little short of the asking price and would like to make an offer, just let me know and  I  will talk to roy.



1978 Gepp AR


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