1978 Wagon Chattanooga TN

No Longer Available

Last Updated: 2/15/19

Key Car Features:

Model Year: 1978
Odometer: 30,144
Body Style: Wagon
Engine: 6 cylinders
Transmission: Auto

Ad Information

Source: Craigslist
City/Area: Chattanooga
State/Region: Tennessee
Asking Price: 2,950
Contact: No Longer Available

Where else can you get a fine car for this.

I was born in April of 1977 before the public announcement of the Fairmont. My new owner bought me new when they came available, while he loved it for years time soon passed and so did my old friend. It was left to my grandson whom I hoped would take care of it as well as I. However he had to punk it out without knowing what or how to do. After a short time I didn’t start no more, so I was put up for sale. My newest owner could see that I had become very sick, but he knew how to put me back together again, after several months I then was able to start and run again. My new owner has checked me over giving me a new life for all to enjoy that has the love of a truly great vintage automobile.
While I still have some scars of the times gone by I’m still in very good health only needing my interior headliner and carpet kit to make me complete.
My new owner is working so much that he only has time to drive me getting compliments everywhere we go. Wont you complete me then we can be a prize to anyone who sees us.
My new owner has replaced many parts though out including
Since last year I have received
1. Rebuilt p/s rack
1. New front struts
2. New heater core
3. Radiator
4. Lights & electrical
5. Exhaust manifold and cat converter
6. Intake manifold & gasket
7. Valve cover seals & gasket
8. Rear shocks
9. Power brake booster & master cylinder
10. Primary brake line replaced
11. Roof rack replaced
12. Flywheel
13. Torque converter
14. Starter
15. Front pump seal
16. Tail shaft bushing & seal
17. Neutral Safety Switch
18. Dash lighting
19. Fuel Gauge
20. Speedometer (original on hand for miles verification)
21. Front steering rack bushings
22. Ac system
23. stabilizer bar bushings
24. New tires
25. ignition switch
26. front brake pads
27. muffler
28. cat converter
29. Complete valve job
30. New distributor
31.Alternator & voltage regulator
Much more done than mentioned.



1978 Chattanooga TN

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